Ways to Honeymoon on a Budget

While everyone believes that the honeymoon is the time for the bride and groom to lavishly relax after the rigorous grind of the wedding. Truth is, not everyone is able to afford to go all out after spending a fortune on the wedding ceremony for their friends and family. Weddings these days cost an arm and a leg and add more financial burden to your life.

The secret of getting a romantic getaway without breaking the bank is to plan ahead after doing some research. Remember, you can get a honeymoon package and avoid having to pay the full price. Even regular early bookings get you discounts during peak times.

Let’s explore some other tips and tricks that’ll allow you to get the most out of your romantic getaways adelaide hills.

Figure out your priorities

First of all, figure out all your priorities for the trip. What are the must-haves for the trip? What are you most excited about? What is absolutely non-negotiable in the trip for you? Identifying these things will help you narrow down a couple of locations and develop an itinerary of sorts.

For instance, if you want to go to dreamy locations, you can try out some of the local options and then splurge on the luxury rooms and other options.

Use travel agencies

You should seriously consider using a travel agency for your honeymoon trip. Such agencies usually have specially curated honeymoon packages that give you added value and a pre-made itinerary. You get free room upgrades, spa treatment and included meals throughout the day while travelling across the globe.

These agencies have relationships with hotels and tourist spots across the world, which translates into additional perks and complimentary benefits for honeymooners.

Travel during off-season

Try to travel to a location during the off-season (aka the period before or after the peak season). Doing so, you’ll always notice significant changes in travel fares and lesser people. Also, travelling to a destination during an off-season doesn’t necessarily mean bad weather. For instance, off-season means high temps for some locales, bitter cold for other or even hurricane season. Hotels and resorts completely close down until hospitable seasons return. Try travelling to locations where you get hospitable environments all year round.

Keep an eye on flight fares

Whether you opt to go with a travel agency or not, keeping an eye on flight fares can help you save money in the long term. These fares change very frequently and more often than not, they depend on the day of the flight. You may be able to get cheaper flights for departure on a Tuesday than on a Sunday or maybe Monday.

Even there are apps out now that let you know when’s the best time to book a flight.



The Organizer or event organizer designs and implements initiatives aimed at promoting one or more products on behalf of the client structure. Although generally understood as a figure that deals with corporate needs for events, this sector also includes qualifications such as that concerning  the organization of weddings – or wedding planners.

The event organizer generally interprets the needs of the company, overseeing all phases of the event through the following activities:

  • Analysis of the complexity of the event and planning of the objectives
  • Identification of the relevant public
  • Development of the event concept
  • Location identification
  • Definition of the budget
  • Logistics planning
  • Coordination of technical and production aspects aimed at its realization

With its work, the event organizer plays an important role in public relations , carrying out mediation activities between the artistic-cultural system and public and private bodies that take advantage of organized initiatives. We can consider different types of events:

  • culture (eg exhibitions, exhibitions, routes / itineraries, folklore events)
  • show (for example concerts of various kinds of music, festivals, fashion shows, theatrical and film festivals)
  • sports (eg individual competitions, tournaments)
  • fairs (for example, festivals, food and wine events, patron celebrations)
  • scientific dissemination (eg conferences, conferences, public seminars)
  • social (organization of weddings and events related to the personal sphere)

The organization of events is a sector that is always on the move, able to meet the needs of those who want to carry out initiatives of any kind: cultural, artistic, fashion, congress, trade fairs, up to the organization of the wedding. Events are now considered among the main means of communication and marketing.

The organizer of weddings: some details about one of the new branches of event planning

The wedding planner – or wedding planner – is a professional figure that we borrowed from the United States; it belongs to the category of the organization of events , and the professional figure that performs it generally provides advice of various kinds to the spouses .

Unlike the USA, where couples often delegate the organization of their marriage, in Italy it is difficult for future spouses to leave the field free in full (or to) wedding planners, which therefore also takes care of the management of additional services such as research of the right location, the planning and management of catering, the creation and the re-establishment of wedding favors, the organization of children’s entertainment and much more.

The events organizer’s skills are essential in a wedding planner , which has one and only opportunity to do its job well: from managing communication with the various suppliers and customers to organizing wedding times, from the financial administration of the ‘event to the development of its concept to make it unique, from logistics planning to the correct use of space and the available perosnale, the event organizer known as wedding planner can well be called the “artistic director” of a wedding, presenting great qualities organizational and problem solving.

How to organize a wedding

The day of the yes is a special day, it is the day when we realize our dream of love. Nothing should be left to chance, every moment has to be planned down to the smallest details. Over the years I have developed an indispensable talent for each of us, but above all for a Wedding Planner:  resilience .  Coping with pragmatism and creativity to the unexpected and the last-minute needs is essential. My approach to wedding is global: this is the only way to make the difference between any party and Class Events .

Below you will find, one by one, all the wedding services that will help to organize the perfect wedding. Contact me for advice, advice or a quote. I wait for you. 

Would you like your marriage proposal to dissolve every reserve you love, convincing your soul mate to embark on the journey to a new life together?

Tell me something about yourself, we will find together an original and surprising way to make that moment exciting, romantic, fun … in one word! You will remember those magical moments forever and you will be able to relive them whenever you want. What are you waiting for?

A flashmob, a serenade, a luminous dedication like no other … your every wish can be realized.


Whether it is a brunch, an aperitif at the buffet, a traditional buffet or a good banquet, choosing good food for the wedding is very important. And every choice must be weighted according to the season and the context.